Government Grants

Every business is unique on its own and every business has its own problem. As an entrepreneur, to start a business, to come up with tons of business idea is easy. However, in order to let the idea take out successfully, you will need a lot of investments and planning. This is the part where it becomes difficult. At One Stop Professional Consultancy, it is our job to help our customers to solve their problems and answer to their enquiries.

In Singapore, we are lucky because the governments are encouraging people to be entrepreneur and set up their own business. For this, the government came up different forms of grants to help people to be entrepreneur. This is a form of support of governments to help them in reducing investments cost and risks. With this set of grants, it makes it easier for fresh entrepreneur to have their ideas take off.

When it comes to government policies, it is complicated and there is a lot of requirements, filling up forms can be a hassle. In One Stop Professional Consultancy, we have professional and experience staff to help you in regarding any government grants. We are able to handle all applications to help you get more grants. As your business consultants, we understand that your time is precious; we are here to make sure you are hassle free. In this way, you are able to focus on building up your business and generate more profits.